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  Marketing Homes "Virtually Everywhere"
Finding Homes "Virtually Anywhere"


What does it take to make sales happen in todays real estate market? It takes experience, technology, and experience with technology. If you're thinking about using a Realtor that lacks experience with technology, you're putting yourself at an immediate disadvantage.

There's no such thing as overexposure on the Internet. Most Realtors think putting a listing in the MLS (multiple listing service) and a yard sign is enough. It's not, and it's not the kind of marketing that is selling properties these days. The MLS and a newspaper ad just don't cut it.

I take a fresh approach by using a digital marketing solution that targets specific customers who are interested in the type of property you have and focuses on these leads. By concentrating my marketing efforts on buyers that are searching for homes with amenities and features that your home has, the potential for a faster sale is far greater. These buyers also realize the importance and value these features add to a home and take that into consideration when making an offer.A targeted marketing campaign will yield better results than just mass marketing to uninterested, unqualified buyers. I will personally never bring a prospect through your home that has not been pre-approved for a loan consistent with the listing price of your property and will work with other agents to ensure the same level of commitment.

Why don't more Realtors use a Digital Marketing Campaign to sell homes? The majority don't have the technology skills and experience to pull it off. Most consider a cell phone and fax machine to be 'Cutting Edge' technology. If you look at their marketing material, you'll see it's designed to promote themselves, not your property. And guess who pays for that advertising? You do, in the form of higher commissions.

 Please call me to schedule a personal
consultation at 937.609.5388 or email me at and find out
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David A. Davison
Office: (937) 898-8500
Cell: (937) 609-5388
Fax: (937) 898-3601


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